I played at Avant Garden’s Tuesday Open Mic for the first time, and I was able to see some pretty cool musicians. The audience was very friendly and participated thoroughly, foot-stomping and clapping along with me. Many thanks to the people I met there, including Chris Hammond, Matt, Danny, Cody, and Autumn.

Here’s looking forward to seeing you all soon!



Getting in the swing of things after the holidays. Recently, I’ve made a couple of personal observations about myself and my music.

First off, I know that I struggle with pride and, as a result, I am constantly cautious about getting out and playing because I don’t like being praised, because if there’s an ounce of praiseworthiness in my life, it all comes from God, not me.

It seems obvious that this is something that can be a slight hinderance in a career that requires you to seek fame in order to make a living. That being said, I recently came across a video of Josh Ritter on Big Ideas on YouTube where he mentioned a separation of the creator of the work and the creation itself. It is the work, the idea that you must promote as a musician, not yourself. This has helped me rationalize the promotion of my music and better understand what it is to be a self-promoting musician.

Thank you, Josh, for the advice in the video. Maybe someday we’ll get a chance to chat since I missed the opportunity to do so at Diesel in Pittsburgh (you were wondering what my best friend Zach, Kate, Mark, and I were doing after the show. I had to work at 6am the next morning back in Indiana, and instead of calling in, we left.).

Thanks to everyone out there that’s reading this and listening to the new things that I’ve been writing. Your support means more to me than you know.

More to follow,



Well, I’ve played two open mics so far in Houston, and I’m trying to work on recruiting musicians and building the band. I’m putting up some contact information for booking as well as a video of the open mics so you all can hear how things are coming.

Stay tuned,



The other day, Breanna Finch stopped by and recorded a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”.  The song is listed in the next column. See the caption for more info.

In other news, I moved some of the songs from the super-secret section of the website to the main page, including The Johnstown Company demos and the new EP, “The Will of God and Moving Trucks”.

Read their respective captions for more information.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening,



For those of you who know the secret link to the “New Music Sneak Peak” page, a bunch of new songs have been added from a 5-song EP that I recorded earlier this month. It’s the second installment in my series of EPs that record memories, with each song serving as something of a journal entry.

For those of you who don’t know where the secret link is, keep looking. I’ve always liked Easter eggs.




To the right of this column is the whole EP that I recorded this Christmas. It is meant to be a holistic album, so if you’ve got 20 minutes (or 19-something) listen to the whole thing. If you don’t have that kind of time (as I know most of y’all don’t), I would listen to Tracks 1 and 3.

This is easily the best album that I’ve written lyrically, and I’m excited to share my struggles and my growth with everyone.

Thanks for listening.

And enjoy!


01.02.2011 //

So I just posted two new songs off of an album that I recorded for my girlfriend for Christmas. There were five songs in total, but I decided to post the two that I thought demonstrated my growth as a musician, especially lyrically. I’m sorry I haven’t been out there playing for everyone lately, but I’ve needed some time to get myself into a position where I can start doing that again better than I ever did. I’m also taking time to focus on the craft of making music and constructing meaningful songs with lyrics that create a sense of space and suck the listener into the singer’s world, my world. Here’s hoping that you enjoy the two songs, Hornillos del Camino and Austin, TX.

I also will finally let you know that I have a secret hidden link here on the website that will allow you to access new stuff that I’m working on that I only ever use in order to show close friends. I won’t tell you where, otherwise it wouldn’t be hidden.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned. Happy New Year!


08.17.2010 //

If you’ve ever lived / grown up in the suburbs, go out and buy Arcade Fire’s new album, titled “The Suburbs.” Just do it, it’ll be worth your time.

08.01.2010 //

Thanks to everyone who came out to the NIKABA Festival and saw the show! I had a great time! Thanks to (Hey,) Johnny Park for the invite...

07.02.2010 //

So I’ve got some shows coming up here soon, be sure to check those dates out! Also, I’ve been jamming around with some friends lately, more on that as time goes on...

03.31.2010 //

Hey team! I’ve recently been in the process of selling my Gibson Les Paul that I’ve had since high school. It’s a lovely guitar, but the sound never really suited me, and now it’s time to part ways with it. If you know anyone who’s in the market for a Les Paul Studio, have them email bookjacobwinters@gmail.com. I’m also selling a B-52 LS 100 amplifier, so like I said, email above if you’re interested.

In other news, I’ve been crazy busy, but I’m finally looking to play in Lafayette, IN in April and a show or two in Fort Wayne, IN this summer. I’ll keep you updated on here and my Facebook and MySpace pages, so stay tuned for more on that.

Since Christmas I’ve picked up the harmonica and am getting pretty decent. It’s starting to get pretty great, and I’m looking to incorporate it in any upcoming shows. Check out the video at the top of this page for a sneak peak of what’s to come.

Copyright Jacob Winters 2010


My best friend Zach and I decided to walk across Spain last summer. This photo is at the beginning of the trip in Bayonne, France -  before we grew beards and had a gigantic adventure.



TRACK 02 - “Party Nights”

Upcoming Shows

02.07.2012 Houston, TX

Avant Garden (Open Mic)

11.30.2011 Houston, TX

Fitzgerald’s (Open Mic)

11.14.2011 Houston, TX

McGonigel’s Mucky Ducky (Open Mic)

08.04.2010 West Lafayette, IN

INDY International Wine Festival

07.25.2010 Niles, IL

NIKABA Asian American Festival


This is me listening to my new (old) Bruce Springsteen album, it’s pretty nifty! I encountered it at a locale here in West Lafayette, Indiana called Von’s Records. If you are ever in West Lafayette, stop by and check it out, it’s a pretty amazing old nichey book, comic, music, and bead store. I’m not big on beads or comics (though sweet vibes if you are) but I love me some books and music. Anywho, they gave me a free vinyl record in addition to a sweet $7 price for my new album! Cool place, anyways.

Why do I look so serious? Serious album, serious face. As I said over in the “News” section, I’ve been really getting into Bruce Springsteen, and lately I’ve been really digging this folkier album of his, Nebraska. Excellent album. I listened to it a few years ago, and somehow I didn’t like it. But after having it gifted to me this last weekend (again, purchased at Von’s in West Lafayette), I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Very good November music.

A photo from the show at Birdy’s, courtesy Andy McHenry’s cell phone.


Click the image to the right to buy “Alchemy” by Like Science (also available on iTunes)

On stage at the NIKABA Festival. I’m pretty sure the sign behind me says my name in Korean. Gotta be, right?

Tuning up backstage at Chicago’s NIKABA Asian American Festival.

Christmas 2010 - EP

If you can find the hidden link in the site, you can  listen to five songs that I recorded last Christmas!

Recording with Breanna Finch

The other day, Breanna Finch, her sister, her boyfriend, and my dear Stella stopped by and recorded a song. The song is a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”, sung by Breanna. With Breanna on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, I played the accompanying electric guitar, bass, electric accents, and sang backup vocals. We really like the end product, and hope that you do too.

The Will of God and Moving Trucks - EP

The Johnstown Company

This is a recent track that I have recorded as a rough demo for the next project that I plan to work on. The album would focus on defining elements of the Midwestern/no-coast culture - the wide-open spaces that seem full of possibility in our youth, but seem to confine as we grow older, normally resulting in everybody leaving to another more “glamorous” part of the county only to return in adulthood. See John McLaughlin’s “Indiana” and some Springsteen.

Above is one of the songs from an EP that I recorded for Stella for her birthday in August. As with the Christmas EP, I really focused on creating a sense of place while recording memories that we’ve made. I’m guessing that while the girls are “awwww-ing”, the guys are thinking “dude, seriously?” Rest assured my fellow gentlemen, I have a beard and eat red meat - but being romantic actually puts more hair on your chest.

Basement - Album Concept

Due to large media volumes, this site may load slowly.

Track 01: Pedernales, etc. (*moved to hidden page!)

“Basement”, an original song at Fitzgerald’s Open Mic.

“The Wasteland”, a new rough demo for the no-coast/Middle America/Midwest album concept. Enjoy!

Archived News

11.17.2009 //

After listening to a whole lot more Bruce (once you listen to enough Bruce Springsteen, you are suddenly cool enough to start saying “Bruce” when referring to his music), I decided that I need to listen to a couple albums in particular. One of those is Nebraska, which my dad was kind enough to buy for me this past weekend as an early birthday present. Nebraska is a much, much darker album than Greetings from Asbury Park, which I bought the other month, but I like it loads more. It’s very stripped down, very folky, honest, and dark. It’s definitely influencing me and my music, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that ended up coming out as I continue to grow as a musician - and as a person in general.

10.19.2009 //

So today I bought a Bruce Springsteen album, because after checking out this website http://brucespringsteen.net/news/hanginout.html I realized how lacking my Bruce Springsteen-ity was. So I decided to start from the beginning with his first 1973 album Greetings from Asbury Park. More on that as time goes on...

Also, lately I’ve been listening to the NPR (National Public Radio, for those who aren’t NPR peeps) podcast called “All Songs Considered” at http://www.npr.org/ which is an amazing place to check out cool new (and old) music. I’ve been really jamming out to that every week and loving it. If you don’t listen to their podcast and would like to, you can subscribe to it in iTunes (just search NPR All Songs).

Also: Check out this cool article on NPR about why musicians and music’s effects on neurology. I particularly like the bit about understanding language, it’s pretty fascinating.


9.23.2009 //

Despite a smaller turnout, we really rocked the show. I was a sweaty mess afterwards, and Derek had wet face-glistening going too. It was a really great time - sometimes as a musician you feel really satisfied and at peace after you finish “getting it all out there” and that’s exactly what happened tonight. Thanks to everyone who came out (especially Andy Mac and Ian Endsley) and a shout out to Miles and Murphy (the Irish guys at the bar) and thanks to Mike the owner for having us.

9.27.2009 //

I’m just about to head out to Birdy’s in Indianapolis for a Like Science show. We’re playing with The Electrostatic Attraction (electronica/rock). If you’re in Indianapolis, come on out for a great show!

9.21.2009 //

So Garageband is God’s gift to musicians. I’ve been writing tons of music, and to be able to put new songs into the program and manipulate them and arrange them is fantastic. This new music is starting to remind me of Ryan Adams with an Arcade Fire drive, but it’s definitely finding it’s own sound. I’m loving this right now, and I hope you guys are looking forward to what’s next. Some people may be turned off, who knows - it’s not so much Born and Raised or Like Science alt-pop and it definitely leans alt-country and a little folksy. But people who like that (which I absolutely love) are going to really dig this new stuff.

9.01.2009 //

I just got a new MacBook Pro. And do you know what that means? It’s not long before I start Garagebandin’ it and putting up some of the new stuff I’ve been working on. Check back soon...

7.01.2009 //

I’m currently playing with Like Science (be sure to check out our album on iTunes or CDBaby), but I’ve been writing some great acoustic music lately and plan on playing some shows in the near future. In the meantime, check out myspace.com/likescience for more information.

“The Ballad of Oh Yeah Sherman”, another rough demo for the album concept. Shout out to Joe, Zach, Grant, Justin, Barry, Fritz, Katie, and the rest of the old JKs crew.