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Jacob is a carbon-based lifeform who spends most of his waking hours developing software, playing board games, and drinking fancy single-origin coffee. Sometimes when he's not writing useful code for Kagi, he writes useless code and posts it here. Always remember, this page is equipped with alternate stylesheets, which you can activate from Firefox's menu under View > Page Style. (I don't think that other browsers support them.)


Tiny Rocket

A brief adventure in orbital mechanics.

Ludum Dare submission

Impatience Coffee Roasters

Draw routes for your two coffee delivery drones. Fill orders in twenty seconds or less. Good luck.

Ludum Dare submission

Gravity Pong

Like pong, but with multiple balls that are gravitationally attracted to each other.


Tiled bitmaps

Answers the age-old question, "How many distinct patterns can I make by tiling a 4x4 monochrome bitmap?" and every conceivable variation of it.

Shader maker

Creates patterns like these, renders them on the GPU.