Good morning, and welcome to the Impatience Coffee Roastersβ„’ team! Your job is to create flight paths for our two delivery drones using your left and right mouse buttons. Pick up coffee from our three retail locations and deliver it to customers.
Remember, we promise that every order will be delivered in twenty seconds or less.
Twenty seconds is up! You're lucky that was just my order. If it were for a customer, they would have left a nasty review by now. Try again.
You're going to have to be faster than that.
OK thanks good luck.
That's ten orders down, only about infinity to go before the morning rush ends.
That was our hundredth order! To celebrate, they're giving every employee a free cup of coffee. They're, uh, going to want them delivered.
Somebody claims that a cup of coffee fell out of the sky and hit them on the head. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?
The baristas are wondering if you could make the drones come to a stop at the coffee shops instead of flying by at full speed. No? Oh well.
At this rate we're going to run out of coffee.
We just ran out of lids for the to-go cups. Be careful not to spill anything.
Say, how long are the drones' batteries supposed to last before they need recharged?
I never realized how much time I was spending in the coffee drive-thru until I tried @impatiencecoffee. Total game-changer.
β€” Someone on social media
πŸ€©β˜•πŸ›¬ @impatiencecoffee #CoffeeDrone
β€” Someone on social media
A flying robot just delivered coffee to me. We are living in the future. Thanks @impatiencecoffee!
β€” Someone on social media
I don't know how I got by before @impatiencecoffee's delivery service.
β€” Someone on social media
"It's raining coffee": FAA to investigate alleged delivery drone spills
β€” Channel 8 news
Regulators promise to address delivery drone concerns, right after they get their morning coffee
β€” Channel 8 news
Multiple UFO sightings reported this morning; "it looked like a flying drink carrier"
β€” Channel 8 news
We've been getting complaints about orders taking more than twenty seconds to arrive. Remember, we take our twenty second promise very seriously.
funny that youre named impatience, cause thats exactly how i feel waiting for my order @impatiencecoffee
β€” Someone on social media
1 star, would give 0 if I could!!! How am I supposed to wake up in the morning if I have to wait more than 20 seconds for my coffee??
β€” Customer review
Impatience Coffee Roasters customers complain about delivery delays
β€” Channel 8 news
Maybe drone delivery was a bad idea.
"In retrospect it was a bad idea": Impatience Coffee Roasters announces end of delivery service
β€” Channel 8 news