Ludum Dare percentile rank calculator

or use the bookmarklet from a Ludum Dare game page.

Ludum Dare results have been released and says you're in (e.g.) 500th place. Is that good or bad? It depends on how many competitors there are. 500th out of 1,500 -> not half bad. 500th out of 500 -> ☹.

Say you want to see your rank as a percentile. The natural first idea is to divide your rank by the number of entries in your format (which you can get easily), but that overestimates the number of entries you're competing against and therefore makes it look like you've done better than you actually have. Some entries didn't receive enough grades to be ranked. Some opted out of certain categories, so you had more competitors in Overall than in Audio.

To get your true percentile ranks, you need to divide your rank in each category by the number of entries that ranked in that category. The number of entries that ranked in a given category isn't readily available. One would have to write a script to pull down all the scores for the entire event and format and then do the math.

I didn't have anything better to do. Behold, the script.

Published 2023-10-30

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